No birthday letter this year, the time got away from me, but memories of your special day eighteen years ago flooded my head on this morning's walk. You were, are, our second chance at happiness and you have never failed at that. The gifts that He gave you are the gifts of joy, happiness and the ability to make people grin. And you have made us grin from the second you came roaring into this world, nearly knocking Dr. Fegley off her feet when she took you out of me, making her exclaim, "What have you been feeding this child??" over your indignant cries. And you make us grin to this day. We couldn't believe you were here, that you were really here. Daddy rocked you, not taking his eyes off you. Mop held you in her arms, amazed at you, her little legs sticking out from the chair and you taking up over half her little lap. She was convinced that she was magic as you drifted off to sleep, taking one of your first naps in your big sister's arms. I held you, rejoicing at the brilliant green blue of your eyes and at your hands curling around my fingers. You felt so right in my arms, your baby breath so right against my skin. 

You were what we needed to be whole again.

Thank you for you.

Happy Birthday, my Great Big Huge Boy.

Love, MomMom