Mad About Cake


About a week or so ago, Meghan told me about a YouTube channel she thought I might like called, "Man About Cake". It follows the adventures of master baker Joshua John Russell as he creates these extraordinary cakes for all his youTube followers, and I am now a diehard fan, too. He's young, zany and goofy, but my gosh, can the man create cakes! Here's the link to his show if you want to watch a short episode (and try not to watch another one . . . it's hard not to, isn't it?):  Man About Cake.

After spending waaaaaaay too much time last week watching his show and reading baking blogs, I decided to try this cake decorating thing a try, and you know what? It's really a lot of fun. I mean, I still have a ton of practicing ahead of me, but I really love baking, always have, and thought what a fun new hobby to pursue. I taught myself photography, so how hard can cake decorating and piping and icing a cake be? 

Well, it's a little harder than I anticipated. I turned my kitchen cabinets a slight shade of orange yesterday as I was icing my little lopsided lemon cake that I made from a box (but the icing was genuine, a really rich buttercream that I discovered on the Internet. I just added orange food coloring to make the harvest cake that I had in mind). It was the first time I ever used a cake leveler to slice off the little domes that my cakes each had after pulling them out of the oven and also the first time I ever used a pastry bag in my life, both of which I need a lot more practice with, but in the end, I made the cake that I had pictured in my head and, according to David and Joey, it was delicious. I'll just keep practicing and making a mess in my kitchen, but isn't that half the fun of getting to know a new hobby?

Here are some more pictures of the finished cake and some behind the scenes of my afternoon yesterday. And be sure to watch that Man About Cake channel---he's a hoot!

My lighting set up and the aftermath!