Joe and David built a Star Wars ship from a kit we gave Joe for Christmas last year and that he finally got around to building just a couple weeks ago. We began this tradition of Christmas Lego sets when Joe was 7 or 8 years old and we have given him more and more complex Lego sets since, always Star Wars. He and David would spend all afternoon Christmas Day assembling the bricks into piles, pulling out the "maps" to put the various pieces in the right spot and a few hours later, there would be a new Tie Fighter on our kitchen table. It's a tradition I hope Joe never out grows.

I discovered new street art along the Square here in town. It stopped and made me laugh. There seems to be new art work popping up around town just about everywhere you look these days, brightening up sides of buildings, postal boxes, even sewer covers. I love how Fayetteville is becoming funkier every day.

I'm still trying out new ideas that occur to me on my daily walks. I have begun running once more, four miles every morning. I began to miss it more and more and it's beginning to feel good again. This morning I saw three deer ahead of me on the trail, the first bounding off into the brush as I drew closer, the other two stopping to stare curiously at me staring back at them. Finally, they ducked into the bushes, flipping their white tails at me. I wonder what they they think of us. 

And then we had this the other night. I was at my desk working on some photos when I glanced out my window to see the world outside glowing with the setting sun. I went out to our backyard and, well, this was what I saw.

Is it too early to begin thinking about designing Christmas cards yet? I spent one afternoon last week playing with jingle bells and fire. I just can't decide if I like the Santa picture with or without the snowflakes. I keep going back and forth on them. Guess I'll put it up to the family for the deciding vote.

Dave and I have been mountain biking this month. David is such a patient teacher, waiting for me at the top of the first hill that we have to climb. When I finally reach him at the top of the switchbacks, gasping and out of breath, he's full of helpful advice. He rides behind me on the trails, calling out encouragement and praise, the whole time I'm watching my life flash before my eyes several times. Saturday was another practice day for me, but this time I brought David's new camera and one of my flashes so I could practice shooting high speed sync, something that I think I'm almost grasping. I love laying down in the dirt and photographing either of my boys as they come flying past me on their bikes. Sports and action will always be my favorite things to photograph. I never get tired of the thrill it brings me.

And yep, that's me, sticking out my tongue as I try not to fall off my bike. 

And Langley.

Langley the Lab got to have a two-hour play date Saturday afternoon after I got back from the trails with David. The two of us walked over to "her" golf course where she ran and pretended to be a gazelle, swam and explored to her heart's content. We stayed till almost sundown, walking the three miles home in the dusk that quickly became night time. She spent much of Sunday sleeping on her bed, recovering from her massive romp the day before. 

November has been good to us so far. Family and good health has graced our days and we're looking forward to Thanksgiving week when we can all be together to relax, play, be quiet, be busy, explore and just be. 

I hope you all can say the same.