Small Town Christmas

Downtown Pittsburg, Kansas while making a quick weekend trip to pick up my parents from Thanksgiving.

I've been thinking more and more about starting up another 365 project once the new year rolls around. Lately, I've found myself reading the old posts I'd written earlier this year, just short little snippets of words describing my days and little events that happened along the way, wildlife spotted during my runs or walks and thoughts I'd entertained during those outings. I kinda miss doing that. I know that there are days when I may not take a photo or want to take a photo, but those are the days where I'll need to push myself the most, push myself to look closer. Right now, I'm still taking daily photos but they're all food related for the most part. I do love shooting food, but it is hard work some days. Challenging myself to get out of the house, away from the kitchen and stove and shooting something different will be good for me and observing Life will be good for me, too.

Because being in Life is so important right now.