Shop Local

This year, instead of hitting the local malls and fighting the crowds and listening to piped in Christmas music, I've decided to shop as much as I can in the local shops in the area for Christmas gifts, and what I can't find locally, I will order on line. Much of the stress and anxiety I feel this time of year comes from the crowds and the "plastic-ness" of malls and Walmarts and Targets. They somehow make this magical season less magical to me. 

Saturday, Fayetteville was the home of countless craft fairs and markets and Meghan and I hit nearly all of them, running into old friends and making new ones. It was beautiful weather, people were out and about, everyone was smiling and helpful and we walked away ready for Christmas. There was no stress, no traffic, no anxiety and no piped in Christmas music. It was a wonderful way to spend a December afternoon.

And I may've treated myself to a beautiful little hand made mug and wooden spoon. Consider it a Christmas gift to myself.