Day 39

Signed up for Komen's Race For The Cure this morning, choosing the 10K race since it's twice the distance I ran last year and also to honor her second round of that horrible disease.

Scored big at the flea market this afternoon with the cutest white enamel pot trimmed in bright red, two fiesta ware bowls, a pretty plate made in a pottery from the Blue Ridge Mountains, an old fashioned ice cream scoop and a metal 1 C. measuring cup, just like the kind that Mom used to use in her bread baking.

And I couldn't decide which photo to pick today so I chose both.

{Nikon D5, ISO 1600, 1/100 sec., 35mm @ f/5. Shot in the dining room with natural light coming in from the north window, white trifold for background and a white foam board camera right to bounce the window light}