Day 74

I made the decision to stay here and I made it by asking what it was that I wanted to do, not what others would do or what I should do, but really and truly what I wanted to do, and staying home to kick off Spring Break with Joey on a rainy Friday afternoon and celebrating with our Pizza/Movie night as a family sounded much more better and fun than sitting around in a stuffy conference room with a bunch of other photo nerds listening about light - - - even if it IS Joe McNally speaking. There will be plenty of other opportunities, I'm sure, to get to hear him speak or to attend his workshops; time is running out on getting to have Joey Time. We have big plans to tie into the yards at last and to get the motorcycle up and running. Two more days till a whole week off!

{Nikon D5, 50mm @ f/2.8, ISO 320, 1/40 sec. I used my new SU-800 commander and bounced my speedlight off the ceiling as I was whispering her name}