Day 176

Early morning sunflowers on my run today. They always seem to be cheering me on during that final mile.

I've been thinking of stopping my daily photo taking, much like Forest Gump realized in the middle of the American Southwest that he was just plain tired of running from one end of the country to the other end. I'm tired of taking daily photos, the daily editing and posting of them. I think I will start doing practice sessions during the week, sessions where I intentionally set out to learn, to practice, to try something new. Six years is a long time to be doing this day in and day out and the thought of just stepping back a bit and taking a break sounds lovely. Since we got home, I really haven't felt like picking up my camera and it's been really nice. I'm sure once I get back in the normal routine of Life again, I'll come up with something I want to work on and then I'll post those in this little space. 

I've also been thinking of Flickr vs. 500px and whether or not to join the one and drop the other. But that decision is for another day.