I came across this dump truck on my walk this morning with Langley. At first I thought it was just parked in the empty lot waiting for the construction workers to descend upon the vacant space to begin constructing a new home. But when I looked closer, I saw the broken windshield and the bullet hole (?) by the driver's side as though someone was taking target practice at the vehicle. And of course there were the trees growing out of the bed of the truck, a sure giveaway that this truck had seen better days. 

But my curiosity was stirred up the rest of the morning and I wondered how it got to that field, who would leave an old dump truck there. I mean, surely a neighbor would've noticed a truck this size just sitting there day after day with nobody coming to claim it and perhaps had called it in? 

I mean, how can you not notice something this size?

But the stories I bet it could tell . . . .