Courage is being scared to death but saddling up, anyway.
— John Wayne

I began volunteering at Courage Therapeutic Riding Center this morning, an equine therapy center located just south of Prairie Grove. Their mission statement:

Courage provides services for a wide range of individuals, from children with cognitive and physical delays to youth at risk.

Utilizing natural horsemanship methods, we promote exploring perspectives, connectedness, communication, the importance of strong leadership, and good decision-making. The horses teach concrete lessons that often times are difficult to learn elsewhere in life. Courage offers a safe place for individuals seeking clarity, direction, healing, and peace of mind.

Jessie, the coordinator of the non-profit, is young, lively and ready with a quick smile, and the therapists in the inside arena are nothing short of miracle workers. In just the 90 minutes I was there photographing, the volunteers inside the sweltering arena and working the horses outside in the pastures, never looked unhappy or cross, they were forever smiling and encouraging to the young clients that were there this morning. 

I really hope Jessie asks me back.