Momma Day

I've been thinking lately about abandoning my main blog and just begin using this little blog to write and post pictures in. I haven't felt like writing in that other one for quite some time, and I don't know, somehow this one is easier to update and maintain. I always feel like I need to be "on" for that other one. I wouldn't be sharing this site every time I post, but those days when I do my "One lens, one subject" or something fun happens or I want to share some BTS photos and explanations . . . those I"ll post to social media. Just something I've been thinking about. 

Well, back-to-school means my Momma Day is back in action, and I took full advantage of today, practicing what I read about in my food photography book last night and having some success, too. It's all about practice and having lighting and settings and logistics fall into place. I think I'm finally getting it.