Nikon D750, 24-70mm @ 50mm, ISO 100/ f/5.6, 1/125 sec.

Today's Thirty-Day prompt was "fly".

Remember when you were a kid and you drew big suns in the corner of your paper, complete with sunbeams shining down on the rest of the scene? I wanted something playful for this prompt, so that was what I did, cutting a construction paper sun and taping it to a corner of some blue foam core I had in my closet. And to get the little plane to fly? Fishing line tied around the little body of the plane and then Photoshopped out afterwards! I had my camera on the tripod and the self-timer set, and having used one of my lens cases with the plane propped on top to set focus, I hit the shutter, grabbed the plane, shoved the lens case to the floor and held the toy by the fishing line in front of the "sky". I used a flash in a small softbox standing directly above the camera set to 1/8 power. The shot was an easy one to do; in fact, it took longer to make the sun and to set up everything than it did to actually make the photograph!