taken with my iPhone

We walked early this morning, just after Joey pulled out for school. I watched as he motored down our street, clicking on his turn signal two houses before the stop sign, then after checking both ways, turning the corner and continuing his journey. I said a quick little prayer for him like I always do each morning, then turned back into the house to hook up the dog. Langley couldn't wait for her walk and chose to go north this time instead of east towards her little trail, the one that I like to start our days with. It was nice having the sun at our backs for much of the walk, however. It was hot today, the haze settling in over the valley like on a July afternoon. I decided that I would devote this week to playing catch up with the house and for being "on-call" for Mom and Dad, helping them when they need it and not to get too hung up on not getting to do the things I want to do----that's what next week is for. My lights will still be there, Pier 1 will still be there, my on-line classes will still be there and the new cookie recipe will still be in the cookbook. Permanence will still be there.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.