Afternoon Shadows

They dance their way across the sheers in my office like so many little ballerinas, leaving dark splotches in the shape of magnolia leaves and holly branches behind them. I've always liked the way the late afternoon sun looks on curtains. I'd lie on my bed during nap time watching them until time to get up. 

I've been feeling a bit distracted lately and not very motivated to take up my camera and see what I can see. there are just so many things I want to work on: lighting, adventuring, exploring, making pretty food pictures that are rich in shadows and light. I look around and see so many beautiful and creative pictures that others have made and then I look at mine and feel mine don't measure up. I try putting on my "Envy Blinders" but they only cover so much and work for so long. I suppose the only way I can get better is to get out there and do the work. 

What an exhausting hobby this can be at times.