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I began a new book last night, and as I was leafing through the chapters, a list of thirty prompts caught my eye. I decided to play along and see what I can come up with over the next thirty days. I have them written in my note pad that I keep on my desk so I can not only see them every morning when I sit down, but also remember to do one each day. Today's prompt was "water", so I gathered up some rocks for an idea I had, headed over to the golf course late this afternoon when the light is the prettiest and the softest and the saddest, and armed with my camera, I threw the rock in the beam of sunlight glinting off the pond where Langley loves to swim, swung the camera up to my eye and snapped. 

It was a lot of fun.

Good Bikes

One building.

Two different mornings, but roughly the same time.

Two (slightly) different lenses.

A different take on my "One Lens, One Hour" project.



Water & Lemons

A morning romp for the both of us.

An afternoon with a lemon and some mint leaves.

Three hundred and twenty-five photos taken today.

It was good to play.