Nikon D750, 35mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/50 sec. window light

I've been coming home from my morning walks lately with little treasures I find along the way, pockets crammed full of acorns and one hand clutching small bouquets of wildflowers and berries while the other hand clutches Langley's leash. She's patient with me, much like I'm patient with her every time she stops to sniff a new smell or check out a fire hydrant or lamp post, the canine's version of the neighborhood pub. 

I bring home the little treasures and wildflowers (weeds really) and either put them in small Rubbermaid containers or jelly jars of water and wait for the flowers to perk up. I always feel bad for the ones that continue to stay wilted, guilty that I picked them from the ground for my own selfish reasons, but the ones that make it are put about the house to make us smile. A little bit of morning for us all to enjoy.

Today's 30-day prompt is "circle".


I began a new book last night, and as I was leafing through the chapters, a list of thirty prompts caught my eye. I decided to play along and see what I can come up with over the next thirty days. I have them written in my note pad that I keep on my desk so I can not only see them every morning when I sit down, but also remember to do one each day. Today's prompt was "water", so I gathered up some rocks for an idea I had, headed over to the golf course late this afternoon when the light is the prettiest and the softest and the saddest, and armed with my camera, I threw the rock in the beam of sunlight glinting off the pond where Langley loves to swim, swung the camera up to my eye and snapped. 

It was a lot of fun.

Good Bikes

One building.

Two different mornings, but roughly the same time.

Two (slightly) different lenses.

A different take on my "One Lens, One Hour" project.