"Look for steam and a slight bit of juice coming out of the vents before removing the pie from the oven. Get your ear right down almost to the top of the pie and listen for the sizzle-whump, which some call the pie's heartbeat."

~ ~ ~ from the cookbook, "Art of the Pie" by Kate McDermott

The thought of a pie having a heartbeat, a "sizzle-whump", just makes me so happy. 

Milk & Cookies

I saw this in my book I'm reading and wanted to try it out yesterday, but didn't have the right glass or small plate. Also, with my migraine all day yesterday, Life wasn't really all that fun. But this morning I woke up feeling better and after a quick trip to Walmart for the dishware, I came home and played for a bit this afternoon. 

And I got to eat and drink the props afterwards. It's only fair.