Cinderella in the Fields

Growing up, Meghan was never what I call a "Girlie Girl". She was never heavily into make up or the perfect hairstyle or the clothes. She was more interested in dreaming about traveling the world and working on her tae kwon do (she's a second degree black belt) than worrying about the latest eye make up trends or clothes.  She did have one weakness, however, and that was looking at all the pretty evening gowns and prom dresses at our favorite department store.

It all started when she was a toddler and Cinderella was her favorite princess. After we would finish our real reason for being at Hecht's Department Store, we would wander amongst the evening wear racks, pulling out the dresses and discussing which ones we liked the best. Satin and tulle and frothy material would flow over her little hands as her blue eyes got bigger as she imagined what it would be like to wear such a princess gown. And color was important, too. It almost always had to be some shade of pink, usually with lots of sparkles scattered about. But the real clincher would be how big the skirt was. Meghan would stand right next to me as I pulled the chosen dress off the rack and swirl it about me as best I could and if the skirt swirled and twirled lots, then that would be the dress she liked best that day. The action of the skirt was key. We called these beautiful creations of sequins and netting and swirly skirts "Cinderella Dresses", and I loved looking at them as much as little Meghan did; even David would take her through the fancy dress department whenever the two of them went to Hecht's and he would help her pick out her favorite dress. 

Last week, I wanted to do a photo shoot with a vintage dress and a vintage feel to it, so I texted Meghan to see if she'd mind being my model. She said yes, so the two of us hit the vintage thrift stores and found this wonderful skirt for just $20.00. (As soon as Meghan tried it on, she twirled and twirled in the dressing room area, much to the delight of a little four-year-old girl who was there shopping with her grandma.). We got together yesterday and played and twirled and swirled and spun and ran and laughed.

Meghan finally got to be Cinderella, and she was a beautiful one.