The Ware Sisters

I should warn you, there's going to be a photo overload in this post, but my goodness, these girls are beautiful and fun and knowledgable and hysterical and high energy and helpful and downright gorgeous. 

Saturday morning, I hit up my favorite thrift/vintage shop and found some fantastic dresses for the youngest two that had "princess" written all over them. Emily, the oldest, wanted to wear Meghan's skirt that she wore when I did her Cinderella photo shoot a couple weeks ago. Sunday afternoon, we all met up at a local historic cemetery - - - I know, kind of a strange place to have a photo shoot, but the trees had finally turned and made a pretty backdrop against the girls' clothing; plus, since it was Homecoming Weekend at the U. of A., the place wasn't crawling with parents and college students getting their pictures made and we had the place to ourselves.

The girls twirled and ran and told me all about the life cycle of ladybugs and talked about school and giggled and twirled some more. Their momma and I have known each other for nearly eleven years and had a good time catching up with each other. We really haven't seen much of each other since school began, so it was nice to chat in between the click of the camera shutter. Meghan came along to help out, too, but wound up wrestling and twirling and chasing after Rose, the youngest. Meg used to babysit these girls and adores them. I think Rose thinks Meghan is just another sister. 

Without further ado, let me present to you Emily, Nora and Rose Ware (with a few appearances by Meghan).

(just click on the photo to see the image larger).