The Little Red Suitcase

This week, the weather has been behaving very much like January should. It's been grey and gloomy, and for this southern girl, really, really, really cold. 

Raise your hand if you're ready for the sound of lawnmowers and warm days and going barefoot again.

But all this dreary weather makes for some very cozy afternoons hitting the flea markets here in Fayetteville, which Meghan and I did Wednesday. I was on the prowl for a good, sturdy wooden chair, one that I could take out in the woods for a photoshoot and not worry about getting dirty. I found one, just a basic brown, old school kind of kitchen chair, but what Meghan found was even better: a cherry red suitcase, the kind that has the little built in pockets for hosiery and trinkets and satin buckles to keep your folded clothes tidy and neat during your journey. It looked just like part of my mom's old luggage set that she let my sister and me use for our "dress up" clothes when we were little (except her set was ivory, not bright, bright red). Meghan and I both loved it, and after we finished shopping, we ran back to her house so she could change, then, armed with my camera, we headed down to one of my favorite locations, an old bridge in the tiny little town of Greenland (Home of the Pirates! ARR, matey!), just south of Fayetteville and we played until the cold chased us back into my nice warm Jeep.

Flea markets are the Toys-R-Us for grown ups, I believe. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and for those of you on the East Coast, please throw a snowball for me! 😉

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