Catching Up

Taken last spring. I so miss flowers this time of year.

Has everyone settled into 2016? It's hard to believe that last year is over already and a brand spankin' new one is underway. I have to confess, I am not a big fan of New Years, maybe when I was younger, but not so much now anymore. All the resolution making and setting shiny new goals just doesn't really make sense to me: why January 1? I mean, I get the whole first day of a new year (but as a momma, the new year always begins on the first day of school for me. Ask around and I bet you'll hear the same thing from other mommas), but why not set new goals and make new resolutions on, say, March 6th or October 23rd?

This year, I didn't make any new resolutions or set new goals, I just kept the same promises I made to myself throughout 2015: to be more intentional and focused, to work hard at my photography, to run further, to be as happy as I can, to try new things and not shove Life into a corner. I think those are pretty good goals, and I'm happy that a lot of them have been accomplished; maybe I should add one more for this year (not that I'm making a resolution or anything, but just a promise to add to the list): to overcome the fear/stage fright/freak out/what-have-you when it comes to photographing strangers. I began with baby steps when I helped out with Help Portrait back in early December and survived. I'll just continue on that path and see where I am by the end of this year.

All of this to say, "Happy New Year"!

I tend to get long-winded at times. 

I spent New Year's weekend with this crew:

Meghan and I have known Dana (the momma) and Allegra (wearing her Wonder Woman pajamas that I gave her for Christmas) since 2005 and they are honorary members of the Austin clan, which expanded when Baby Ellie was born almost three years ago. In fact, it was Baby Ellie who took the photo in the top left, thus the slightly out-of-focus feel to it. She is just a wonderfully fun and hilarious little human being and makes everyone smile when she's in the room. She has many, many admiring fans, but I just may be her #1 fan (after Dana and Ali, of course).

I also spent part of the weekend freshening up this space, implementing a pretty new template and adding a portfolio tab. Since I am not doing a photo-a-day project anymore, I retired "Dear Christopher". It felt weird doing so, but like I said previously, the 365 project was beginning to feel like just one more thing to cross off my to-do list for the day. I still have it on this blog, I just tucked it under the "Elsewhere" tab up in my navigation bar. Maybe I'll do another 365 in 2017, and if so, I'll bring "Dear Christopher" out of retirement and fire it back up.

I am doing a 52 Week photo project this year, and you can find my first week under the tab, "52 Weeks" (said Captain Obvious). The prompt was to do a self-portrait and so I took one of me, as well as portraits of Joe when he wandered into my office to see what I was doing. He was very obliging, letting me take his picture instead of running for the hills or just flat out refusing - - - which is the norm. 

I like how he has his eyes crossed in the bottom, watching his bubble grow larger. 

I guess that about wraps everything up. I'm looking forward to keeping up with just one blog, and hope to write here three times a week or so. I do like writing, and that's one of the things I miss most about not posting to "Dear Christopher", but I needed a break from shooting every single day to avoid burn out, which was I was beginning to feel.

And that would be a "dee-sas-tah"! (Baby Meghan Speak)

Happy 2016 and I hope you have the best year of your life!