A Little Light Housekeeping

So, the big announcement I was going to make today didn't come to fruition the way I'd imagined. I've been working behind the scenes on setting up a portfolio of my images, with the intention of displaying and possibly selling in the future, but after wrestling for the last ten days with the platform I'd chosen, I discovered that the plan I'd picked didn't have the storage that I'd needed.  I gave up last night and canceled the free trial and decided to create a portfolio here on Squarespace. Live and learn, right? Ugh, but all those hours of my life that I wasted trying to make something work and that I'll never get back! I don't know why I put myself through so much stress only to bail and run back to the familiar. But at least this way everything will all be in one place and you won't have to hop, skip and jump all over the interwebs trying to find where I am. 

Another thing is the way this site looks. I've gone back to my very first template that I picked when I first joined Squarespace, took out some of the navigation links, combined a couple under the "Archives" tab and will be adding a "Portfolio" tab, hopefully by the end of this week. I also created a new little logo, which, if you know me and my love of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, is me all the way through (and red is my favorite color). I probably won't be posting to my daily photo site much anymore, although I will be taking daily pictures. I'm a firm believer in daily practicing of anything because that's the only way you'll get better, but there are some days that I just don't want to sit down at the computer and write up a quick little "daily doings" post. I lead busy days, cramming as much as I can in the hours that Joe is at school, and I'm just plain worn out by late afternoon. Occasionally, I may post to the 365, but I plan to incorporate those daily pictures more and more into my weekly journal posts.

Okay, moving on (and did that make sense to anyone besides me?).

Did you all have a good weekend? We didn't get out on the motorcycle or the bicycles, but David and I did go visit the Birthday Fairy (who is alive and well in the Austin household) Saturday. Joe is turning seventeen this Wednesday, so we spent much of the day going shopping for him. Whenever we hit the toy stores (because you are never too old for new toys, even if you are a cool teen aged boy), I always keep my eyes peeled for new accessories for my little Lego Storm Trooper. Well, Saturday he scored big time. 

A Batman motorcycle and an original Batmobile, Hotwheels size. The Batcycle has a sidecar, so naturally I had to find a Lego Batman to take our little Storm Trooper around so they could fight crime together in Gotham City. 

And I had to document it. 

This turned into one of my more complicated scenarios. The hardest part was trying to light up the Bat Signal like they do in the movies and the old television shows. David helped out with that, so after cutting out the Batman symbol, we taped it onto a giant diffuser that I use with my lights, and viola! we had a Bat Signal high above Gotham City.

Here is the set up and the final image. Just click on each image to see larger.

And now it's time to make Joe's lunch and get him out the door for school. Like I said, I lead busy days. 

I hope you have a super week!