Friday (At Last)

This has been quite a hectic week, mentally, for me. I haven't spent so much time on the phone since high school, I think. Maybe college. It all began Monday when the little passenger seat belt light kept flashing and dinging whenever someone sat in that seat. Luckily, it was only Joe and myself that had to deal with that irritating noise, but I had to call the next day to see about getting it fixed. Wednesday I dropped it off at the dealership where they'd promised me, after lots and lots of phone calls throughout the day, that I'd have it back by close of business. Well, you can guess what happened. No phone call at 5:30 Wednesday evening telling me that The Beast was ready to come home. It wasn't till the following morning that I found out they had forgotten to call me ("Oh, there were two Austins who had dropped off their vehicles and I could've sworn I called you!"), so Dave drove me down to pick up my Jeep only to be told that the part they needed was coming from Dallas and wouldn't get here till sometime next week. 

Deep breath. 

But at least The Beast is safely tucked in my garage and I've been chauffeuring Joe back and forth to school feeling very much like the driver in the driving scenes of the movie "Driving Miss Daisy" (which is a very good movie, by the way).

But despite all the hassle and irritation of dealing with car dealerships, we had a birthday this week, which is always a happy, happy occasion. Joe had asked for a bigger backpack and a new office chair, which he put together all by himself . . . backwards. After a face palm and a deep sigh, he switched everything around and now we can't pry the kid out of that chair. 

Meghan gave him an awesome book and one that cracked him up. He wants to be a park ranger when he grows up or be on a search and rescue team for one of the national parks, so Meghan found him The Book that will help him in his quest. She was very excited to have found such a treasure and that Joey liked it so much. She's a fantastic big sister. 

I rounded out the week quietly, reading a bit yesterday (and staying off my phone as much as I could!) and then going to a late, late matinee? an early, early, early movie? with David this afternoon. We went to see the new Ben Affleck movie, "The Accountant" which is really, really good. 

And Ben Affleck is just so pretty. 


I hope you all have a fun, fun weekend doing whatever it is you do, and talk to you all next week!