Thanksgiving 2016

A week at home. What a concept! No school for Joe, no office for David to drive to, sleeping in, long runs, beautiful weather to be lazy in, jumping in giant leaf piles (after I asked very nicely), morning coffee drunk on the couch watching the Dan Patrick Show, staying up late watching Netflix . . . and baking and eating copious amounts of food on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, at my parent's house. David, Joe and I have sometimes taken vacations during Joe's Fall Break, but this semester has been pretty exhausting for all of us and having a long week of really doing nothing sounded like the best kind of vacation we could think of.

It's been wonderful.

Meghan and David watched football while I baked the peach cobbler, then it was their turn to take over the kitchen, with Meg making her Famous Fudge and David making his equally famous dressing handed down from his mom (and Meg being the Official Taste Tester, a role she has played since she was three and one she takes very seriously). Joe's job? To survey that all went according to plan. He also assisted my mom with making sure all the dressing was taken out of the turkey with the help of the flashlight app on his phone, a moment that tickled me. Stories were told around the dinner table, stories of Meghan and Joe when they were little, then we all began to recount our earliest memories which led to more stories and more laughter. We ate till we couldn't eat anymore, but isn't that the whole point of Thanksgiving? To eat, to be grateful for all that we have, for all that surrounds us, for all the people that we hold dear to our hearts and love more than anything?

(For the record, that next to last picture of my parents really shows their true personalities: my dad being calm and deliberate, peacefully attending to the task at hand; my mom, always a blur of multi-tasking and going 90mph. And as always, just click on the photo to see it larger!).