New Challenges

I've been thinking ahead to next year, because face it, 2017 is going to be here before you know it.  Always in the past, I've done a 365 Project where I've taken a photo every day (well, give or take a few days).  It's a great project and one that really taught me a lot, but I think I want to move to a new challenge, a new project that will teach me just as much but not be quite as stressful as seeing the sun sink in the western skies and madly dashing about the house or yard trying to snag that day's photo.

I have re-discovered a book I bought last year that is full of photography assignments and prompts. I've made a list of the ideas that sound interesting and have been brainstorming during my morning runs for other ideas. The idea behind this new challenge is to take a week (or longer) and fully immerse myself in that week's given prompt. I kinda got the first glimpse of this new project over Thanksgiving when I decided to do those self-portraits. I learned a lot that week (like my light stand makes a perfect stand in for me, and if I balance my two biggest lens cases on top of each other they make a grand "sit in" for me when I'm sitting in a chair). I feel that undertaking something like this will lend a consistency to my work, something that I've been striving for more lately. The only "rule" for this is knowing that I don't have to shoot daily if I don't want to or have the time. And I guess the only other "rule" is not limiting myself, meaning that if I decide to do another self-portrait later on in the project or want to add to an already finished prompt/assignment, then I will go ahead and take it. It's my project, so I can make the rules up as I go, right?

I'll be posting a new tab up in the navigation bar when I have more prompts and assignments under my belt, and knowing myself and knowing that habits are hard for me to break, I'll probably continue shooting daily, but at least I'll have a clear objective as to want I'm looking for now.

Old habits, after all, are pretty hard to break.