Rambling Along

Wow, can you believe it's already February? February is both the shortest month of the year and the longest month of the year, if you ask me. It's like that final .1 mile of a race you're running: you know the finish line is SO close, but man, that last little bit is hard! But Spring will be here soon and then summer and then we'll be busy wishing for cooler weather again. We're a fickle bunch, aren't we?

I'm still running the trails out at Mt. Kessler, just south of Fayetteville. I began on my birthday, and have made it four miles so far, and now Langley the Lab comes along to keep me company, much to her delight.  Trail running is a lot different than street running. You use a lot of different muscles and you've gotta concentrate so much more, looking for rocks and roots that are waiting to trip you up, which finally happened this morning. I was running downhill and the sun was just peeking over the top of the ridge on my right and making the trail pretty hard to see, the light glancing off the rocks at my feet and slightly blinding me. My right foot hit a rock, I stumbled and down I went, skidding and sliding down the trail. I sat up and checked all my extremities, shaking my arms, moving my elbows, poking my knees and wincing when I discovered they took the brunt of the fall. My right knee now sports a wicked looking goose egg, my left knee is skinned up and my left bicep feels like it's been suckered punched. But hey, nothing is broken and after a few minutes of catching my breath, I got back up, brushed myself off and continued chasing Langley down the trail, who was oblivious to my fall. 

Just glad nobody saw me. 

I've also been "helping" Meghan run. Since she's graduated, she's found that she has a lot of time on her hands. She's been putting in applications for government work and is still working her part time job, but she finds herself having a lot of free time, so she's taken up running. She downloaded the app "Couch To 5K" and has been using it pretty religiously for about a month now. I don't know if she'll ever like running like I do, but she wants to stick with it long enough to run the local Race For The Cure this spring with me. Both David and I are very proud of her for gutting it out this long. I think it took me a year to learn to not dislike running; I didn't like running, but I didn't despise it like I did at the very beginning. There's a difference! 

Dave and I have been spending the weekends exploring northwest Arkansas and visiting a friend who has a dog named Moose and likes to sit in the sidecar of her Ural motorcycle (more on her at a different time). I've been playing with my crystal ball and assorted dried plants I found while out walking Langley, as well as a bouquet of tulips. I've moved my office and my lights, flip flopping rooms so now I have more room to play in my studio. I have a pretty big photo shoot coming up at the end of the month, which I'm both excited about, but also a little nervous about, but again, more on that at another time. 

So for now, just a few random photos of what I've doing these last few days. 

Because random is what I do.