Dana & Bryan

Dana was one of the first people I met after we moved to Fayetteville nearly eleven years ago. Our girls met each other on the first day of 6th grade and have been "besties" ever since (they even have their own hashtag: "#amegra"). Dana and I hit it off, I think, because we're pretty much the same: goofy, a little zany and both care deeply about our girls, family and each other. 

Dana is one cool chick. 

On February 20, I got to watch as she married Bryan. It was a teeny, tiny, little wedding, with only Bryan's three kids, Dana's two girls, myself and Meg, who was the official "Ellie Wrangler", Dana's 2  1/2-year-old daughter. To get to be a part of such a special day was simply wonderful and something I won't forget.

Thank you, Dana and Bryan!

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