Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, doesn't it? It seems that since the year began, Life has been very full for me and my little family. I'm not complaining because it's good to have things to do and to look forward to, but I'm pretty much ready for school to be over, summer to arrive and for Life to be not quite as full. I'm getting ready to shoot my second wedding this weekend, Joey (and by default, me too) is going on Spring Break next week and we have some little trips planned (David is taking some days off to play with us, too). Then we have only one more week of March before rolling into April. April is going to be full, too, I think. I'm volunteering again for Help Portrait, this time it's for high school senior portraits, and I am looking forward to that. I'm also talking to my friend's daughter's Girl Scout troop about cameras and photography, both with Big Cameras and phone cameras.

With my lack of talent when it comes to taking iPhone pictures, maybe these Girl Scouts can show me a few tricks!

Joe will actually be getting out of school on time this year since we really didn't have any winter in Arkansas. I think this'll be his first time in getting out on time in nearly 5 years, so we're pretty psyched about having a real summer at last. 

But in between all these goings on, Spring has crept in and has made herself at home, showing off with flowers and sunsets. Meghan and I have been having our Girl's Day Out, something we began when she was in middle school, and Dave and I went fly fishing yesterday for the first time this year.Well, he fly fished, I played in the water.

But I think my favorite thing that happened last week was when my favorite little two-year-old, fresh from her nap and full of energy, raced out to her momma's daffodil garden, her little golden curls glowing in the afternoon sun, and picked a flower and then handed it to me with a grin. 

That daffodil sure looks pretty on my desk. 

I hope you all have a beautiful and happy week!