Shaking Things Up

I am a creature of habit, of routine. I have a weekly housework schedule that I follow to the letter: 

Monday is Laundry Day.

Tuesday is Tidying Up The House and Wash the Sheets and Bath Towels Day. It's also Errand Day.

Wednesday is Momma Day (my "play day" where anything can happen that I want to happen).

Thursday is Laundry and Grocery Day.

Friday is Scrub The House Day.

And Saturday and Sunday are semi-play days, which might include gardening and/or hiking. Definitely includes hanging out with my little family and getting to drink two full cups of coffee in the mornings.

And with all these days, I have my morning runs, afternoon walks with Langley and squeezing in some practice time with my camera and lighting gear every day, and somehow everything falls into place. I began this routine when the kids were small (with the exception of the camera practice and walking the dog) and it helped me stay sane while raising two small children.

Yesterday I needed to take David to the airport for an early morning flight to Minneapolis, and as I was driving home, the sun began to rise, casting long golden fingers through the mist and fog rising off the cow ponds and little creeks that I crossed. I pulled over to take a couple photos and realized that I really didn't want to go home to clean bathrooms and run errands, instead I wanted to take Langley out to Mt. Kessler and hike all day (just between you and me, I also entertained the idea of giving Joe a Mental Health Day from school and taking him to his favorite mountain bike trail so he could ride all day. These last two weeks of school are going to be brutal for the both of us, I can tell). As I finished driving back home and began the morning of getting Joe off to school (I decided to play the dutiful educating parent after all. Sigh . . . ), I decided to put off the Tuesday To-Do's and just go hike. Langley was overjoyed and the two of us spent three hours in the woods hiking and taking pictures and playing. The woodland spiderwort and the daisies were blooming, the daisies being visited by little ladybugs. It was hot in the sunny, open fields, yet it was shady and cool in the woods. We climbed up hills, clambered over logs and Langley even climbed some rocks. I let her decide which trail to take, and I think we wound up taking four different ones, but they all led back to the main trail. By the time we turned back to hike back to the car, she was trotting faithfully at my heels instead of galloping off ahead of me as she had done the previous five miles, sufficiently worn out at last. She slept most of the car ride home. I got home in time to take a quick shower and pick up Joe from school, thinking that schedules and routines were meant to broken now and again and that I need to do so more often.