Summer Memories

Summer is fading to a close. School begins tomorrow and everyone is sad in our household. I've had a stomach ache for a week now, and Joe is quickly finishing his summer assignment to turn in on Wednesday. We had a good summer, a good, long, relaxing summer, trying out new things and exploring new places. We also had good long talks, Joe and I, and I feel that our relationship has gotten on a more even plane and that we finally "get" each other. I taught him how to make almond bread and he helped me take Langley the Lab to the vet for minor surgery and even slept out in the living room next to her that first night to comfort her, making a pallet on the floor next to her so she could be petted and consoled. Together as a family, we kayaked and paddle boarded nearly every weekend, trying out different rivers and creeks. I treated myself to an underwater housing for my D750 and practiced with it every chance I got. The boys mountain biked whenever they could, and Meghan came over and played with me on her days off from work. David and I ran every day, each of us coming home dripping wet and leaving puddles in our wake. Finally, we made it to Utah and back to Moab for our Summer Vacation. It was just as beautiful and grand as we remembered. 

We laughed and were goofy and talked and paddled and got wet and watched a dear friend graduate college and watched Shakespeare in the park and ate ribs and visited the farmer's market and explored and hung out and did nothing at all. It was a good summer.