Campus Life

For last week's photo class, we took a photo walk around the University of Arkansas's campus. This is what I saw: 

my name

people playing with dogs

gorgeous light

bamboo shoots behind the graphic arts building (I took waaaaay too many photos there!)


and students. Classes began last Monday, and while traffic is going to be crazy till next spring when they all go back home, it's also a lot of fun having all those bodies about town again. 

Next Tuesday is our last class. I really learned a lot, like finally figuring out how to expose for the highlights/shadows (talking out loud to myself helps keep it straight in my head) and all the metering modes. I know that probably doesn't make any sense to all you non-photographers out there and that I sound like a total photo nerd, but I've struggled with those two things for the last five years. So, progress was definitely made this month. 

Now, if I can just figure out this whole flash thing, I'll be in business. 😉