Lilies & Light

I bought some lily type flowers at Sam's Club a couple weeks ago, at least I think they're some type of lily. They have the fluted petals like lilies have, but they're much smaller and not quite so grand. I like them because I can get a Sam's Club Size bouquet for about $5.00 and the flowers last forever. Remember, I bought these just as I was getting sick at the beginning of September and now it's almost the end of the month. Like I said, these things last forever. 

Yesterday, after beginning to pick up fallen petals from the floor, I decided that it was finally time to throw the flowers out, but before I did, I wanted to play with them first, which meant wrestling my reflector stand into submission (only took my right foot, left leg, both arms and my teeth to get my large round diffuser clamped onto the stand!), positioning my flash a few feet behind my rebellious reflector and then firing away with my camera. Before I knew it, an hour had flown by, nearly 100 pictures had been taken and it was time to go pick up Joe from school (yes, he's finally better and is back at school, thank goodness). I love getting so caught up in something so simple as playing with lilies and lighting.

I think tomorrow I'm going back to Sam's to replenish the now empty vase.