He has the sweetest soul of any animal I've ever met, save our own Langley the Lab. Buck likes to nuzzle and lean his head on your shoulder, as if he's giving out horse hugs. He follows his momma, Stephanie, around like a puppy. His eyes were what kept drawing me in, the rich golden tones and his long, long eyelashes. He doesn't have long to live, I'm afraid, but you can tell that he is loved beyond measure; in fact, as I was wrapping up yesterday, Stephanie began to cry at the thought of that final good bye. Buck is surrounded by Hank and Charlotte, two other horses that share his pasture, his brother and sister, so to speak. There is a flock of chickens, a gaggle of dogs and a herd of little dwarf goats to keep him company. Another horse, a dun colored one, was in the barn, being very vocal and wanting to come out to visit with us during the photo shoot. Buck is failing fast, but he had enough strength and a big enough heart to let me photograph him for an hour, even managing to perk up his ears when he was led into the front yard of Stephanie and her husband's house. I guess he doesn't get to go there too often. He is a beautiful horse that has already touched my heart and it was joy to photograph him yesterday.