The Old Is The New Again

I scrubbed the house this morning, a long overdue scrubbing, and as I dusted and vacuumed and mopped, I thought long and hard about this space of mine on the World Wide Web. What did I want to do here? What did I want to write about? Do I even want to write here anymore, to share my thoughts, pictures, life?

As I thought about all this, I thought about what it was I was writing about, and I've been writing a lot about sadness lately because, quite frankly, that's what life has dealt me these past six months or so. Reading back in my old journal, the posts I'd written were full of life and joy and carefreeness. 

A simpler time and a happier time.

I stopped cleaning to resurrect the old blog that I had taken off my site, dusted off the cobwebs (I mean, I was cleaning today) and made it my primary blog once again. You can find my Project 365 up in the navigation bar at the top where I will keep posting my daily picture with maybe a few words here and there.

I'm tired of sadness haunting my days, tired of thinking about it and living with it. 

I'm going to focus on the happy times, the happy thoughts, the happy moments that make up my days. 

I want to just be, to just play and to just live.