First Snow

Last night, Dave and I went to bed with the pitter patter of gentle raindrops falling outside. 

We woke this morning to a world turned white.

There is something so magical about snow. You can't hear it falling, but it's as though there was a giant wand waved over the world and suddenly people are happy, there's a quiet excitement in the air, the stillness that is there . . . it's like everyone and everything is holding it's breath at the unbelievable beauty before their eyes. 

Small children, bundled up in snow jackets, boots, hats and mittens that are too big for them, toddle alongside their parents, their arms slightly out to their sides with all the bundling up. Runners are out, their feet crunch, crunch, crunching along the trail. Great blue herons glide down the full, babbling creek, their wings not making a sound and everyone greets each other with grins and sparkly eyes.

There is something magical about a first snow.