The Day After

I hope you all had a happy Christmas and are enjoying a relaxing day today recovering and playing with your new toys. We had a wonderful day, opening presents first thing in the morning with the kids (Meghan stayed the night Christmas Eve so she wouldn't miss a thing), and then later in the afternoon, my parents came over for Round Two and the annual Christmas Scavenger Hunt that my mom makes for Joey every year. We had lots of laughs, ate good food and listened to my mom play her gift from us, a Yamaha piano keyboard.

When my dad and mom moved into an assisted living facility here in Fayetteville, my mom had to sell her beloved piano, and it nearly broke her heart. When I think about Mom, three things come to mind: the sight of her standing at our kitchen counter making our weekly loaves of bread that we had every night with our suppers, the smell of Oil of Olay and music. Music, in particular piano music, filled our house the whole time I was growing up, and when she wasn't playing the piano, she had Vivaldi and other classical music blaring from our record player. She loved music and she loved playing the piano. For her to not be able to make music anymore was so hard for me and the rest of my family to comprehend that I asked Santa to bring her a keyboard for Christmas, and he delivered, bringing not only joy to my mom, but also a few tears. She entertained us all afternoon and evening with Christmas carols and a few hymns that she knew by heart. 

Christmas was super special to us all this year.

One of the things that I hoped Santa would bring me was a new tripod that could extend over the surface I was shooting on so I could get some better "top down" shots of the food I was photographing. As you can see from above, he heard me. I spent all afternoon today playing with it, setting out some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, along with bits of chocolate and a few oats scattered about the surface I was using.


But, when I turned my back for two minutes, my little photo assistant snagged part of my set up and had herself tasty little snack.

I guess she wanted her payment first!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you all!