The Last Day of the Year

I wrote here almost this same time last year, wrote about how I didn't believe in resolutions or picking a special word to try to live by in the coming year. I wrote about the very first New Year's Eve that David and I spent as a newlywed couple and how much fun we had. I wrote about the owls calling to each other deep in the woods and about the flock of geese flying overhead, honking to each other, as Langley and I took our final walk of 2016 down her trail.

I still feel the way I did last year about resolutions and special words. I believe in having goals to work towards, something else I talked about last year. They make more sense to me. On our final walk of the year this morning, as Langley nosed along the trail and the birds huddled on the bare tree branches, I thought about resolutions and how easily they're broken. I think that the intent behind resolutions is a very good one, and maybe they do work for some people, but I think also that you don't need one special day of the year to make those resolutions; every day is a brand new day to wake up and start anew, to choose a new road, to make a new choice in your life.

I am excited about the new year rapidly approaching. I'm excited to continue with my photography and see where that will take me. I'm eager to get back to running again, something that I have truly missed after my body emotionally crashed and burned on me last July. I'm excited to cut back on the virtual world and get back to reading real words out of real books, meeting real people and hearing their stories. I'm excited to get back to my Momma Play Days and exploring new-to-me little towns around northwest Arkansas. I'm eager to finally get to meet a new friend (and her adorable little boys) that I met years ago on Flickr and who has recently moved to northwest Arkansas. I'm eager and excited to begin seriously learning how to bake pies and decorate cakes.


I'm eager and excited to see not only what 2018 brings, but also where I'll be at this same time next year.

I want to thank you all for your wonderful support and friendship over the past year, for indulging me in my writing and the photos of my life. May you all have a beautiful, safe, happy, fun, contemplative, peaceful, exciting, wonderful 2018. 

And as I loved telling my mom and dad every New Year's Eve growing up, "See you next year!"