I see that it's been a while since I've written here. I had every intention of writing yesterday, but was attacked by a wicked migraine that left me barely enough energy to pick up Joe from school in the afternoon. We had a big weather front move in yesterday bringing with it a teaser of spring, so I will use that as the culprit.

Things lately have been pretty quiet around here. Joe is completely  over his wisdom teeth surgery, only missing three days of school total. He sure was funny while on his pain meds, though! He can't remember anything about the actual proceedings or the aftermath of that first day and now he's getting a big kick out the stories David and I have been telling him, like how he chased/wobbled after me around the house, showing me his teeth that had been in his mouth just a few hours before. I'm very squeamish, so he got the biggest kick out of trying to gross me out. Another story we told him was how irritated he became at his tongue, how thick it was with all the numbing medication and how he kept trying to talk around it before giving up and resorting to giving us "Thumbs Up". David described him as a "Very happy drunk".

Joe promptly slept for the next 36 hours once we got him home, waking up only for more pain medication and applesauce and chocolate pudding. That was a weekend we won't soon forget! ; )

David has had a rather big accomplishment, too, this past week. About five years ago, he began writing a book about, well, I'm not quite sure because he hasn't really told anyone in the family what it's about, other than to say that it's a Tom Clancy-esque novel. He has a cork board over his desk covered in notes and locations and little tidbits of information. Whenever we'd try to shoulder surf, he'd promptly close his laptop and look up at us inquiringly and we'd slink off, never knowing what he had written. He has worked on this book during lunches at work, outside on our patio during the warmer months, at the bar in the kitchen, over Christmas and Thanksgiving breaks. This book has become a part of our lives over the past five years.

Two Sundays ago, while I was out running, he finished writing it! We are all a little stunned that it's all done and that there is to be no more sitting at the kitchen bar late at night, pecking away at the keyboard or saying, "Just about ten more chapters to go till I'm done." Those ten more chapters flew by, but now the hard part is about to begin, the re-writing, the editing, the sending out to various publishing houses, exploring the e-book option.

But it's still pretty cool knowing that my husband has written his first novel.

As for me, I've been on a food photography kick lately. I don't quite know why or how - - - -well, I know how: to escape all the political hoop-la, I re-discovered Pinterest and stumbled across some gorgeous food photos and a little voice inside my head whispered, "Hey! I wanna do that!" I am really enjoying it, all the stylizing, the lighting, the plating, just really everything about it. I have a Southern deserts cookbook I keep wanting to bake my way through, and perhaps now I'll be able to photograph my journey through it.

So, that just about sums up our lives lately: teeth out, book written, food photographed, and I recently shot my first basketball game in two years and had a ball doing so, but right now, it is gorgeous outside and I hear the creek begging me to bring my Lego Storm Trooper and come play, so that's what I'm going to go do.

Talk to you soon!