Spring is officially here as of today. The trees are slowly greening up and the fruit trees are in full blossom. The birds are going mad with nest building and chasing off intruders. Mockingbirds and Carolina wrens serenade us every morning with their cheerful little tunes and by lunch time, I have all the windows in the house thrown open to let in the fresh, fresh breezes.

Saturday, Dave and I drove over to the local motorcycle shop where he bought his bike a few years ago to buy a new battery, and on the way home, we had an impromptu lunch date at our favorite Mexican food truck off the Bentonville square. The square was bursting with life, kids and dogs running around the green space in the center of the shops and bistros that line the square and the corner ice cream shop doing a brisk business. Bikers were everywhere, having just come off the nearby Razorback Greenway or about to head out. When Spring finally pokes her head out of the ground and begins to color in the bareness of the world, Arkansasans everywhere rejoice.