Creating Magic

Photography was magic- - - press a button and produce a picture. That hooked me. You were a kind of sorcerer, standing in the dim red light of the darkroom and summoning a print to life in the chemical tray. I also saw in photography a way to become a traveler, to roam the world, to be in the middle of exciting events.
— Mark Kauffman, in Zimmerman & Kauffman: Masters of Contemporary Photography, 1975

I truly have no idea how I accomplished this self-portrait. To be quite honest, I was going for a totally different look that afternoon when I broke out my flashes and played for an hour. I was hoping for something different than this double exposure, ghosty affect. But it really is a bit magical looking, isn't it? Although I have no experience with a dark room, digital photography makes me feel the same way as the great sports photographer Mark Kauffman: I do feel rather like a magician.