The animals are beginning to come back to our back yard after our "winter", silently hopping and scuttling back during the morning hours. I'm sure some of you have heard the story of Jim the Bunny, who was rescued from Langley's Jaws of Death several years ago and comes back each spring to say "thank you" for his second chance of life.

Joe says that he isn't the original Jim, that he died a long time ago, but I refuse to believe that. This bunny is the same baby bunny that I held in my hands five years ago, I just know it. Why else would he come back to our yard and hang out for hours, knowing that he's safe from the dog?

I watched this squirrel for twenty minutes yesterday morning making treks up and down our pine tree with mouthfuls of dry oak leaves. I've never seen squirrels with leaves in their mouths before, so this was rather fun to watch. Later in the morning, I walked out and peered up into the branches and spotted a large pile of oak leaves nestled amongst the pine needles way at the tippy top of the tree. I guess we might be having baby squirrels later on this spring.

Just one more thing to keep Langley away from. I know she means well, that she only wants to make friends and be polite, but well, baby animals don't belong in a black lab's mouth, no matter how gently she holds them.