A Wet Lab Is A Happy Lab

Some days I am just not in the mood for running, and last Friday was one of those days. It was a picture perfect day, a little hot actually, and after I finished up some computer work, I hooked up Langley, loaded up my backpack with her travel water bowl, a bottle of water and her Dockin Duck, her favorite toy in the world and together we headed over to a deserted golf course about three miles from our house. I wanted to try and get some photos of her leaping into the large pond that is located near the bottom of the course. The last time we did this, my shots didn't turn out that great and I wanted to redeem myself. 

Langley set out on our walk full of energy, her tail wagging happily and her nose to the ground. We passed a few other dog walkers on the trail we were on, each dog looking at each other and giving the obligatory snuffling that all dogs do in greeting. As we approached the golf course, which was unfamiliar territory to Langley, she kept looking up at me as if to say, "Momma? (because, of course, she calls me "Momma" just like the kids used to) You sure you know where we're going?", but as soon as we got to the course and she smelled the pond, she knew that we were in the right place.

I picked out a spot that would give her plenty of air (since she was off the leash by this time, she'd already been in to test out the waters a few times and was happily soaking wet), told her to "sit-n-stay" (the ONLY thing she knows how to do) and launched her Dockin Duck into the air where it landed with a splash in the water. She took off, I threw the camera up to my eye, and away we went, Langley happily jumping in the water over and over and me clicking away over and over. 

I never know which sport Langley likes better, running or swimming, but I think after that afternoon, it has become rather obvious that it's swimming. I had to make her "sit-n-stay" a couple times just so she could catch her breath, but she'd always grow impatient and grab her duck and throw it at me to say, "Come on, Momma! Throw it again!"

We must've stayed at the pond for a good 45 minutes before I had to drag her away and start the long walk home, her energy levels noticeably lower on the return journey. I had to practically carry her up the hill that leads to our neighborhood. 

Needless to say, she slept really well that night.

A sad lab is when she has to leave the water to go back home.