But It's So Pretty!

I know, I know, another design and I'm back to using my old site name, but the old look was just, well, "too much". I worked all day yesterday while it rained, redesigning, reading tutorials, thinking I understood how a certain element worked only to find out that I had it all backwards. By the time supper rolled around, however, I had the site looking and working just how I liked. I really like the look of the new "Welcome" page and the scrolling that goes with it. I'm thinking of adding some galleries later on down the road, too. Fill free to poke around, I don't mind. 

In the mean time, enjoy a few pictures I took this past Saturday of the morning's Farmers Market and the afternoon's  "Springfest", a yearly festival that Fayetteville puts on to celebrate Springs arrival. There was a dog parade and show ( the cutest little puppy won the small dog category, whereas a lab dressed as a triceratops won the large dog category); there were vendors set up all up and down the main drag, a break dance competition, small children running around with chalk . . . but the main attraction were the bed races. This was the first year I visited Springfest and the bed races were so much fun to watch. It was a beautiful day and I was with some of my best friends. There was laughter and crowds and such a festive mood in the air. I can't think of a better way to welcome spring.