Terra Studios

I made a trip out to Terra Studios last Monday to look at their pottery and to stroll the grounds. Every time I visit the artist colony and walk through the art garden and labyrinth, I always catch myself wishing that we had had something like this place when the kids were little and growing up in northern Virginia. It would have made David's long overseas trips easier on the kids if I'd gotten to take them to a place like this. Joe would've loved all the dragons and Meghan would've gone for the little people that were scattered about in the woods.

It was a beautiful day with only a few left over clouds from the past weekend's rains. There was just one other family visiting the studios, so I had the place more or less all to myself. I really like taking these little trips and adventures by myself; it's like a mini vacation in the middle of the year. It gives me time to re-group and get myself organized a bit better. It was quiet and relaxing and I may have caught myself imagining the gnomes and little people coming alive and playing amongst the greenery as I wandered along the pathway. It was a peaceful way to begin the week.