Strawberries & Sunlight

After Meghan moved out and assumed a life as a Grown Up, I took over her old bedroom, first as an office and now as a makeshift studio. I have my backdrop stands set up along the back wall and in each corner I have a couple of light stands and soft boxes ready to go. I have my food props on metal shelves in one corner and the closet has all my lenses, clamps, light modifiers, back packs and all the rest of the gear I've acquired over the years. It's a pretty great little studio and every time I go in and close the door behind me, I lose all sense of time and I'm in my own little creative and playful world.

Monday night, I read about how to make artificial light look like sunlight, something that I've been trying to replicate for quite a while now. So yesterday, following the tips and diagrams that the blog shared, I attempted to create fake sunlight with my speed light. I had my camera on a tripod with an 85mm f/1.8 lens (later, I switched over to my 105mm macro lens), focused on the closest strawberry in the frame; to the right of the camera, I had my speed light set up at about 3:00, and about 1 1/2 feet from the little-strawberries-and-pint-bucket scene I had set up in front of the camera. On my flash, I used a strip grid from Rogue  and then hand held a 48" white diffuser in front of the flash set up to help spread the light further and causing the shadows to fall more naturally. I then fired the camera with a remote. I didn't have a small grid like the article's author used, but I think I got pretty close as to what he was describing, the technique he was describing. Maybe later this summer, I'll invest in this grid and re-visit this idea. I do like the idea of creating "sunlight"---something that might come in handy on those dark, dreary days of winter!