Let me ask you a question that I have been thinking about off and on these last couple of weeks. It's a question that, once again, my photography hero asked at the end of his class on lighting that I recently finished. He asked the roomful of participants to ask themselves what they are most curious about and then to go out and photograph their answer till it fills them up to the brim with joy and satisfaction.

So . . . 

What are you curious about?

I think it's a wonderful question to think about because there can be so many different answers, and you don't necessarily have to have just one right  answer. You can be curious about dozens of different things and that's perfectly fine. It just means that you're living a full and rich life.

It's fairly clear that I'm curious about photography, but for me it is motion and the learning process itself that fascinates me. With just a click of a button on a little black box I can stop myself mid-twirl and you can see the motion of my skirt, you can see the action - - - something that you can't pick up and put in your pocket. You can see the intangible come alive. 

That's magic to me. 

I'm also curious about people and the life around me, but it's the learning, the sorting out of details and then the testing out of camera settings and composition, to see if I can make my imagined picture in my head come to life. That's what I'm curious about. To see if I can accomplish the challenge I put before myself.

You don't have to be a photographer or a creative to answer the question, but what is it that drives you, that makes you delve into books and adventures to seek out the answers? What is it that makes you wake up each day excited to search out knowledge? What makes you happy? What is it that makes you feel like a child on a treasure hunt? What is it that fills you up to the brim with joy and satisfaction?

So . . . 

What is that you're curious about?