"What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation?"

We saw the St. Louis Arch, posed with the First Family, rode mountain bikes, hiked and were attacked by mosquitoes the size of small horses. We found ladybugs crawling on buildings in downtown Milwaukee and stayed the night in a renovated life insurance building from the late 1800's. We marveled at beautiful motorcycles and wandered around the Public Market before strolling the promenade along Lake Michigan. We rode and hiked some more, this time getting soaked to the skin in a sudden downpour. (The threatening skies should've warned us.) We spent  Father's Day at the legendary Lambeau Field and David was like a child on Christmas morning. He literally glowed all afternoon. We even did the famous "Lambeau Leap". We wandered along the water later that evening and stumbled upon an amusement park that brought out the child in me. 

We saw skyscrapers and food trucks in Minneapolis and pastures full of storybook barns and beautiful skies. We saw lots of people and ate delicious food. We were quiet and we were silly. We saw lots and lots of things we'd never seen before and that was what we did on our summer vacation.