The First Seven

I'm still going strong with my never-ending Project 365, but this time around I'm really focusing on making my pictures be more intentional and planned out, something that I hadn't really done in the past. 

So, without further ado (and also because today is Back-to-School for Joe after a two-week break for Christmas), here are the First Seven Photos of 2018.

In November, my sister passed down to me our great-grandmother's sewing kit. Inside were darning tools, a little pen knife, books of needles still in their original wrappers and thimbles of all kinds. It was fun turning them over in my hands and thinking of my great-grandmother using them in her mending and sewing. 

A multiple exposure that I did in camera, not Photoshop. I held a pinecone up against the overcast sky that we "borrowed" from Sequoia National Park in California and "forgot" to return. Then I took a picture of our discarded Christmas tree that was leaning up against our fence waiting to go to the Great Playground In The Sky and my camera did the rest. Pretty cool, and something that I will definitely try again and again.

A little behind-the-scenes action of a jar of pencils for day three.

A fresh hair cut is always an incentive for a new self-portrait. Also, can you believe that I was in the throes of a horrendous migraine? Shortly after I took this, I was stretched out on our kitchen floor where it was nice and cool, trying to bury my head amidst the tiles. Blech!

More "selfies" are on this year's photo agenda, too.

Today also marks Joe's very last semester of high school, so I have to nab as many pictures of him as I can before he leaves me behind as he continues his journey into adulthood.

Also, he's been slacking on his chores around the house these past couple weeks so he owes me at least two weeks of photo ops!

This was taken on my new iPhone 8+ that Dave bought me on Saturday. I couldn't wait to test out the new camera on it and the new portrait lighting options that are included. Also, with my aging  eyes, that great big huge screen is fantastic! I can actually see what's on my phone now without my reading glasses!  ; )

After taking three portraits this last week, I naturally had to take a fun portrait of Meghan. Also, I just wanted to have an excuse to play with my lights and using the flash to stop action. And her hair is always a fun subject to play around with. 

I'm off to go for my morning run now and then to bake chocolate cupcakes, the real reason behind my new committment to running. Hope you all have a good week ahead full of fun and adventures.