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Red Bull Pump Track Championships

It was a rainy off-and-on kind of day Saturday when David and I attended the Red Bull Pump Track Championships held at the Runway Bike Park in the nearby town of Springdale. Crowds were already thick by the time we got there and the air was filled with the bike racing atmosphere that I have grown to love and miss when I’m not around it. We grabbed our raincoats, cameras and joined everyone else that was there to witness some of the world’s best BMX racers and mountain bikers compete for the title of Pump Track World Champion.


Prepare yourself for a photo overload. I took 2400 photos that day, filling up both cards in my camera. I spent all day Sunday culling and editing them down to a mere 254. The following are some of my favorites. I make no apologies, so grab yourself a cup of coffee (or Adult Beverage) and enjoy.