I entered this image in a four-state regional photo competition last May, along with two other photos, a black and white and a portrait of Joe. I had them printed and took them to our local camera shop to be submitted, came home and promptly forgot about the contest, diving headlong into mountain bike races, summer time and relaxing.

I received a newsletter this morning from our local photo society that I’m a member of. I’m not a very active member, only joining so that I can get discounts on prints. This morning I found out that this image, a photo I had taken in my office one drizzly winter day earlier this year, had taken first place in the fine arts category.

I remember taking this that dreary February afternoon, hauling out my lighting equipment, putting batteries in the speed lights, getting the (loathsome) tripod set up just right, adjusting the backdrop and taking the test shots. I had fully planned on using my speed lights - - - that was how the picture was lit in my head - - - but when I looked at the photos on my computer (I was shooting tethered, something I do whenever I’m shooting inside) I actually really liked how the natural light was hitting the bowl and the ice cream. So the above image is actually a “testing, testing, testing. Is this thing on?” result.

And then, after scrubbing caramel sauce out of the rug and washing my hands, I promptly ate up my subject.

An unexpected treat for sure.